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I personally invite you to adventure down the rabbit hole becoming a member of Maria Brink's Wonderland. This is a one of a kind exclusive experience to not only step into my everyday world, but to also learn how I manifest myself and my success through learning the power that lies within all of us. With the combination of personal daily blogs, photos and videos, I will also share with you how I changed my mindset and inner being from feeling unworthy and victimized to empowered and knowing I am in charge of my destiny as are all of you. Thank you for all your love and support. Together lets believe and create

xoxo Maria Brink

Being part of this site allows access to:

- Interactive daily blog
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- Exclusive pictures
- Video blogs on multiple topics
- Interactive forum

After joining the site you will receive an autographed 8x10 that only wonderland members have access to.

When you Join Maria Brink's Wonderland you will be prompted to create a subscription thru your paypal account. This becomes your subscription and you get to choose a login and password. This is through a service called Sentry Login.

* Enter your mailing address (kept private) - that is where I will send your free, autographed 8x10 print of me!
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Once you are logged in with your subscription you will have access to the entire Wonderland site and you will have a choice to create a user account. This gets you a username with your own page you can customize and allows you to interact on the website in the forums and make comments on my blog posts.

You will have your own photo albums and can add any info you want to whare with the other Wonderlanders on your personal page. You can also send messages with other Wonderlanders, add friends, leave comments on your friends walls and leave comments on the blog posts and more!

Welcome to the new Interactive Wonderland!

I hope you all enjoy it!

to get started. Please make sure you remember your login info for BOTH sites (Subscription login and Wonderland) I want to make sure this site stays protected and private for all my Wonderlanders.